by Peggy Hahn, LEAD Executive Director

When the design team met seven years ago, we had no idea our vision would become an international leadership organization, much less that we would have the chance to become a stand-alone nonprofit. In those early days, we ran in every direction with little clarity, but with a willingness to follow the Holy Spirit and to test our hunches with experiments.

In January, we are jumping out again. We are taking an even bigger risk as we become a stand-alone nonprofit and we need your help. Please partner with us in growing leaders who grow churches by making LEAD one of your end-of-the-year giving choices.

We know everyone is asking you for money, but not every organization is starting the new year as a new organization. We will continue to provide the resources and services you know and count on PLUS new initiatives and new visions building on the gifts and passions of new staff including Pastor Louise Johnson, president of Wartburg Seminary. This leap of faith is urgent as congregations decline – let’s work on this together.

There are two ways you can give to LEAD right now and make a huge difference.

First, a gift of any size is deeply appreciated. We are navigating the expenses of a start-up and just as our costs are adding up, so will your gift!

Second, the purchase of a LEAD Ministry Bond for $1,000 will help us bridge the gap as we move out on our own.  Your investment will be repaid in 2021. Think of this as the bridge to get LEAD from here to there. These funds will help us with staffing costs, cashflow, and new resources to support your ministry.

Your generosity to LEAD and to your congregation grow out of your faith. We are grateful for your willingness to share your resources. New, interesting, and vital ministry grows when people invest. Thank you in advance for caring enough to invest in LEAD.