3 LEAD Team Practices to try

A waymarker on the Camino de Santiago. A group of 10 traveled on a LEAD pilgrimage to Santiago in fall 2016. Photo courtesy of Cindi Scruggs

by Peggy Hahn, Executive Director

Full transparency: our LEAD Team has been crafting our organization for just four short years. The creative freedom that comes with a new organization has provided us with space to experiment, to pivot or persevere based on the results, to struggle with the issues that come with rapid growth and change, and to celebrate some really bright spots.

We’re constantly learning. Job duties (and titles) change regularly. We are all stretching ourselves in new ways we’d never have imagined. This open, flexible and committed team is willing to do what it takes to make the right things happen.

Our staff includes volunteers and small contracts that produce big results. Each of these people bring their own gifts and skills to provide many of the resources that you are most familiar with (like the 10 Minute Toolbox and seasonal resources).

The influence of the people on our team has nothing to do with their salary level, job title or status. It has everything to do with freeing people to use their passions to innovate, generate, and evaluate.

Here are some things we do that are essential to our success, that you might want to try:

LEAD Listens Strategically – sounds easy, but takes time

This is not a superficial gesture to keep key people happy by letting them voice their opinions. Strategic listening is about actively seeking out diverse voices before making key decisions. It’s about getting outside your usual circle and listening to people from different backgrounds, including those you expect you’ll disagree with. We use our own Tune In Process before the designing begins. (Then we use our own Wake Up Process to bring clarity to our purpose, values, and alignment.)

By starting with questions rather than answers, good things happen.

And when we listen to others, relationships grow, increasing the likelihood that they will want to listen to us too.

Try it and see for yourself.

LEAD 360 – strategic organizational evaluation

Our team sets aside a whole week each year for a “LEAD 360” – that is a deep dive into everything we are doing to ask ourselves these questions:

  • Why are we doing this?
  • Should we keep doing this?
  • Is there a better or more effective way to do this?
  • Who should do this now? (If anyone…)

Try it yourself. I guarantee that the effort will produce great (and often unexpected) results, more efficiency, and better alignment. Here is a Guide for doing your own LEAD 360 or contact us if you’d like to talk about having a consultant help you with the process.

LEAD Partnerships for Execution – expand your team by building partners

We are a small non-profit with very limited financial resources but endless human resources. We courageously seek out people to join us as partners so we can share and learn together. We never cease to be amazed by where God leads us through these partnerships – trust me when I say the results are always far greater than the vision we began with! Check out some of our partners. Feel free to talk with them too. Find your own. Get beyond your own wisdom.

If you try any of these, let me know! I would love to hear how it goes. Or share with us the strategies that are working for you. You never know what we might be able to do together when we listen, evaluate, and partner.

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