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May 12, 2016 | 0 comments

Thank You Note-c

This is a thank you note.

Seth Godin is an American author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker. He is also keenly attuned to human behavior. His blog message last week was Travel with People who will cause you to Level Up.

If you aren’t a gamer or don’t have children who play video games, you might think that Level Up means to beat the competition. It’s easy to assume that, because so much of American culture is focused on identifying the winners and the losers. But leveling up doesn’t mean someone else needs to lose, only that you have successfully tackled some tasks and are ready to solve more complicated challenges. As the mom of 3 gamer boys, I frequently heard them coming together as a team to level up.

Leveling up is what LEAD is all about. No losers. Just helping individuals, congregations, and synods rejoice in their accomplishments and level up to the next challenge. Coaches, immersion leaders, writers of books and resources – these are people who are creating the tools that allow others to get better at what they do.

I feel so lucky to work with this group of amazing people. And so today I want to thank everyone at LEAD from the bottom of my heart for being the people who cause me to level up.

And thanks to Rich Nelson and Joyce Rupp and Richard Rohr and Christa Tippet and all those who write the words that cause me to level up.

Thanks to artists and musicians and filmmakers who inspire and motivate.

Thanks to the gal at the cash register who smiled and said something nice and lifted my spirits. She made it easy to pass that forward.

Thanks to all the travelers on this pilgrimage who encourage and challenge and coach and sometimes push.

Most of all thanks to God who, in the person of Jesus, showed us that the person who causes you to level up can look like a little boy with a lunch of fish and bread to share.

Notice who causes you to level up. Notice who is willing to help you get through this level. Notice, too, who is blowing raspberries at you and distracting you. Travel with people who cause you to level up!

Let’s pray.

Help us, Lord, to seek out the people who cause us to level up and to have the discernment to ignore those who would drag us down. We are so thankful for all people everywhere who inspire us to see you in everything. Amen


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