All Our Heart

Listens for God’s leading in mission, service, and doing justice in the world, neighborhood, and congregation

All Our Soul

Centers for waking up to a deeper relationship with God, purposeful community, and our own identity

All Our Mind

Explores new perspectives, asks questions, opens our mindset about God and life

All Our Strength

Connects to a community that strengthens spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental wholeness

This short video provides an introduction to LEAD.

New book, The Sacred Valley, available now.

Book description

This is our watch and leadership makes all the difference. You and I are called to lead the Christian movement forward in our own small way—even as we search to find the path ourselves.

LEAD believes everyone and every congregation can grow. This book is an attempt to answer the question, “What does it mean to grow leaders with a deep, bold, consequential faith during the greatest cultural shifts that have ever taken place in our world?”

In this book, you will discover four Growth Indicators that effectively shift our mindset as leaders and prepare our faith communities for leadership in a changing world.

Welcome to life in The Sacred Valley. We can do this!

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Upcoming events


When It Isn’t Working
A full-day seminar for councils and stewardship teams

May 16, 2015
Houston, TX

Camp Hope Base Camp Training

A 3-day training retreat for Camp Hope staff

June 11-13, 2015
Houston, TX

2015 Peru Pilgrimage

A cultural immersion with Lutheran companion congregations

June 18-29, 2015

Best Practices in Faith Formation

A one day event for children, youth, and family leaders

August 15, 2015
Bellaire, TX

As we sat across a small laminate table after worship, we shared more than coffee and cookies – we shared in our vision and dreams for the church, we received lessons in creativity and what it really looks like for ministry to meaningfully reflect and serve the community.

AshleyPeru Pilgrimage

I appreciated the realistic acknowledgement that this is “one step at a time” – that faithfulness in ministry and leadership isn’t a cookie-cutter result, but rather a direction and development that unfolds over time.

PastorLEAD Presentation to Southwestern Texas Synod

I did not know what to expect coming into this experience. I did not know how much I would learn, how many amazing people I would meet or how much my faith journey would be enriched.

KirstenSummer Internship

I just want to say that the 10 Minute Toolbox has been a real gift for our Council. Ours is a small congregation that, 3 years ago, was in huge conflict. We’ve done lots of systems work. The Toolbox has been a real blessing in opening discussion in positive ways, helping us to not get bogged down in what was, but to move forward faithfully.

Pastor Laurie10 Minute Toolbox

God of compassion, we confess that we are often uncomfortable with leadership.
Give us the courage to follow you as we lead, loving you with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength.
Help us to live every day as your disciples. Amen.