All Our Heart

Listens for God’s leading in mission, service, and doing justice in the world, neighborhood, and congregation

All Our Soul

Centers for waking up to a deeper relationship with God, purposeful community, and our own identity

All Our Mind

Explores new perspectives, asks questions, opens our mindset about God and life

All Our Strength

Connects to a community that strengthens spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental wholeness

This short video provides an introduction to LEAD.

New book, The Sacred Valley, available now.

Book description

This is our watch and leadership makes all the difference. You and I are called to lead the Christian movement forward in our own small way—even as we search to find the path ourselves.

LEAD believes everyone and every congregation can grow. This book is an attempt to answer the question, “What does it mean to grow leaders with a deep, bold, consequential faith during the greatest cultural shifts that have ever taken place in our world?”

In this book, you will discover four Growth Indicators that effectively shift our mindset as leaders and prepare our faith communities for leadership in a changing world.

Welcome to life in The Sacred Valley. We can do this!

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Upcoming events

Camp Hope Base Camp Training

A 3-day training retreat for Camp Hope staff

June 11-13, 2015
Houston, TX

2015 Peru Pilgrimage

A cultural immersion with Lutheran companion congregations

June 18-29, 2015

Best Practices in Faith Formation

A one day training event for children, youth, and family leaders

August 15, 2015
Bellaire, TX

Tune In Process

Calling people of faith into the neighborhood and world

A variety of packages available
Ongoing registration

Pastor Edd Wunderlich

From gathering in Galveston to begin a spiritual journey, to walking in the footsteps of Paul through Turkey and Greece, to honing in on one’s skills through 10 minute toolbox webinars in focused learning on various topics…LEAD gives us all an opportunity to study and spend time in devotions as we learn to Live every day as disciples….

Pastor Edd Wunderlich10 Minute Toolbox
Pastor Barb Bartling

Holy Comforter’s Council invited the congregation to participate in the LEAD Congregational Assessment. Our results affirmed that our prayer, study and work is working. We know we must listen into the community and we are beginning to do it.  The assessment also reminded us of our growth areas and gave some insight in how to move forward and where to focus.

Pastor Barb BartlingLEAD Congregational Assessment
Pastor Mark England

Camp Hope is a leadership pipeline for High School youth and young adults. It is one of the few ministries in the church that has a concrete system in place to make disciples who have the ability to make disciples. Oh, and it’s a really fun Bible based day camp for kids too.

Pastor Mark EnglandCamp Hope Ministries
Pastor Mike Button

My trips to Peru have been life-giving and heart-lifting for me in countless ways, but the chief blessing for me is that in stepping outside my parish, outside my socio-economic bubble, I am meeting Christ and Christ’s church again for the first time, to quote a Marcus Borg phrase.

Pastor Mike ButtonPeru Pilgrimage

God of compassion, we confess that we are often uncomfortable with leadership.
Give us the courage to follow you as we lead, loving you with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength.
Help us to live every day as your disciples. Amen.